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Mentorum inc. is a Montreal-based health & wellness startup co-founded by Jason Frohlich and Georges Laraque. They are athletes passionate about health & wellness and have joined forces to develop an application that helps people find the right health & wellness professionals based on their specific needs and location.


CEO and Founder
Serial and social entrepreneur, triathlete, marathon runner and Ironman 70.3, with over 10 years experience in entrepreneurship and technology. He is passionate about health & wellness and wants to empower people to train smarter and live healthier.
13 years NHL veteran, spokesperson, public speaker, best-selling author, vegan and passionate about fitness & well-being. Georges is involved in various benevolent activities and is an advocate for promoting a healthy lifestyle.
Marketing Director
With over 6 years of experience, Emilie is thirsty for marketing, and her strength is fusing strategy with creativity. Figure skater and people lover, Emilie wants to spread the word, reach out, and inspire others to embrace the Mentorum’s health initiatives.
Business Development Director
Health and fitness specialist, kinesiologist and triathlete coach, Guillaume lives breathes and sleeps, wellness. He wants to help fellow health professionals develop their network and offer the public high quality health & wellness services via Mentorum.
Senior Technology Partner
Professional software engineer with a passion for technology and developing the tools to help people perform. A graduate of Concordia University with 5 years of experience in software engineering and project management, Klajdi found at Mentorum the perfect environment where he can leverage his skills and focus on an ever growing market segment.
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