A Word from Georges Laraque, Mentorum co-founder

It’s no secret that Quebecers’ health is in dire need of care. As a person for whom health is a way of life, I wanted to do something about this situation.

My sports background made me tackle it from the preventive angle. Nutrition: yes. Workout: yes. Treatment: yes. No one will argue that the first two points are of major importance, and they are often discussed. However, regular treatments are just as essential in maintaining a healthy body. In my time as a NHL player, I was well surrounded by health professionals who showed me that well-being was integral.

The need
I am well aware that choosing from among all the health professionals out there can be hard. Do I need a chiro- or a physiotherapist? Or perhaps an osteopath, after all? It’s not at all simple.

On the other hand, I know of the difficulties health professionals face when trying to build a client base and get their share of the market, especially at the beginning of their careers.

Mentorum creates a bridge between these two needs. It provides a platform for two types of people who have trouble finding each other in the marketplace today.

I am proud to have created a product that is so urgently needed, in Montreal and everywhere else.


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